Things to Do!

The island of Key West is approximately two miles by four miles. This is where the vast majority of first time visitors spend their time. While the island is certainly appealing, Beyond this relatively small piece of real estate, even in the distant backdrop of the nightly sunset celebration, there is a quiet, more serene world. It’s a land and seascape of mangrove islands, pristine flats and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. In the past, access to this separate world has been limited to the locals with boats or visiting anglers and their charter captains. Even at that, most, like Cinderella, are home on land as the sun sets. At last, an extended stay in this ecological treasure is possible by anyone with a sense of adventure. Our carefully selected anchorages have something for:

Kayakers.... Most anchorages offer exploring the shoreline around remote mangrove islands, exploring the many tidal channels or drifting silently across crystal clear flats.

Anglers....There are many options here, You can bring your own boat, rent one locally , fish from a kayak, or even fish from the houseboat. Additionally some charter captains will pick up and drop off right from the houseboat! We highly recommend Key West Pro Guides for all of your fishing needs,

People who want to get away from it all....This a popular option for those who are tired of the “Duval crawl”. For those that want to get away from it all (and people) a houseboat anchored in a remote location is the perfect prescription to relax and recharge.

Those that have been there, done that....if you just want to do something different, well, you know you don’t need an excuse.